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Auctioneer Training & Mentoring

Auctioneer Training & Mentoring

This exciting module is tailored & suited to a very wide audience, including;

  • Existing auctioneers wishing to master their craft.
  • Agents who have never auctioned previously seeking to enter the auctioneering arena.
  • Auction coaching to prepare you for either a professional competition or the novice category.
  • Established or new agents wanting to launch themselves as Agents & Auctioneers for their own listings (Adrian Bo pioneered this approach in NSW in 1996)

Adrian Bo is recognised as one of Australia’s most successful auctioneers. He has called over 1500 auctions over a 25 year period, selling over $4 billion worth of real estate under the hammer.

The curriculum of this Module includes a 2 hour intense training session in person or via zoom, then 3 x 1 hour sessions, over a condensed 6 week period.

Adrian will cover the following critical areas;

  • Appropriate introduction & pre-amble.
  • Mastery level description of the property by using the ‘mental walk through’ method.
  • Learn how to highlight the intangible lifestyle & investment benefits of the property.
  • A cache of ‘auction fillers’ to use in between bids & increments.
  • Mastery level body language.
  • How to deal with ‘hecklers’ or buyers strategically attempting to sabotage your auction.
  • What the appropriate bidder increments should be & when.
  • Auction floor negotiations.
  • Auction role play practice ad nauseam, because repetition is the ‘mother of skill’.
  • How being both the Agent & Auctioneer dynamic works, without cannibalising your core agent business. Adrian has mastered this combined role & will teach you how to use it as an extremely effective listing tool & unique selling proposition (USP).
  • Voice tonality & fluctuation to keep the crowd focused & attentive.
  • Eye contact for maximum effect & to build trust & rapport.
  • Dialogue with the listing agent & vendor to maintain autonomy over the auction process.
  • Stand out in a crowded auctioneer market by offering ‘value add’ propositions including; attending sales meetings, speaking with buyers & vendors pre-auction & auction day profile boosting.
  • The ‘Reserve Meeting’ agenda.
  • Social media, digital & email marketing initiatives to attract new auction clients.
  • Prospecting for new auction clients using a CRM & The Adrian Bo database proactive nurturing strategy.
  • How to set up a website & utilise Google Ad Words & social media boosts, including direct ‘geo-targeting’ to attract new business.
  • The benefits of video & how this will dramatically improve your craft & boost profile.

The cost for this content packed Module is $2,750 plus gst for the initial 2 hour session, then $1,200 plus gst for each of the 3 subsequent sessions over a 6 week period.

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