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Real Estate Sales Training

Adrian Bo is a licensed and accredited Real Estate Agent and Auctioneer and the General Manager of Sales, McGrath Estate Agents - proudly serving as the longest serving member of the team alongside John McGrath.

Currently specialising in Sales, Coaching, Leadership & Auctioneering, Adrian was handpicked and personally trained by John McGrath and is now recognised as one of Australia’s top industry spokespeople. .

With over 30 years’ experience, Adrian is a sought after industry trainer and speaker. He holds two Post Graduate Degrees in Business Administration, including an MBA from Charles Sturt University. He has presented at The Australian Real Estate Conference (AREC) on 4 occasions, speaking alongside leading international superstars, including Sir Richard Branson, Bob Wofle, Tom Ferry, Mark Bouris and James Tostevin. He is regarded as an industry expert and is regularly called upon by the media to comment on the Sydney eastern suburbs housing market.

Adrian has sold over $3.7 billion in gross volume of real estate and for 20 consecutive years has maintained a minimum of 100 transactions generating  $2.5m - $3m in gross commission income per annum every year. As an auctioneer, Adrian has called over 1400 auctions for the McGrath Group.

Adrian has a string of successes to his name with awards & recognitions including;

  • Consistently in the country's TOP 10 AGENTS, named number 4 and 9 in Australia by REB, industry wide
  • Number 1 agent in New South Wales, Industry wide
  • Senior McGrath Auctioneer for over 20 years
  • Number 1 agent for the most commission generated in the McGrath network nationwide, on two occasions
  • Number 1 agent for the most number of sales volume in the McGrath network nationwide, on 10 occasions
  • Within the top 4 agents for the most commission generated in the McGrath network nationwide, on 12 occasions

Some of Adrian’s high profile clients include Jennifer Hawkins, Richard Roxburgh & Baz Luhrmann.







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