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The Effective Business Unit (EBU)

The Effective Business Unit (EBU)

This personalised and tailored session is suited for agents with at least 1 team member. The most common EBU’s are the lead agent and 1 administration assistant, the lead agent with 1 Associate Agent plus an administration assistant and finally a ‘Super Team’ with the lead agent and multiple Associate Agents. Adrian is an expert in all of these EBU’s and has in fact run all 3 types personally and actually pioneered and introduced the EBU model to Australia 27 years ago after visiting with top agents in America.
In this 2 hour session, Adrian will cover the following
  • Clearly defined job descriptions for each team member
  • Ensuring each team member ‘stays in their lane’ for hyper efficiency
  • Free up time for the lead agent to either work less hours and/or be more dollar productive
  • Ensure Associate Agents are also hyper dollar productive and become expert lead generators and buyer specialists
  • Teach Associate Agents some basic listing & vendor management skills to take pressure off the lead agent, especially for market appraisal ‘price’ checks, so the lead agent focuses more on actual listing opportunities, high end vendor management, negotiations & hot list prospecting
  • Run through some warm prospecting options for the administration assistant during any down time
  • Create an accountability framework for the entire team
  • Provide meeting agendas for the EBU, including the daily WIP meeting (work in progress), the weekly OT meeting (on track) and the monthly MW meeting (monthly wrap)
  • Talk about EBU culture and best practice internal communication
  • Cover off on ‘world class’ buyer Mangement for the whole team
  • Sharpening the listing skill set of the lead agent
  • Discuss the ideal day and the ideal week for each team member

This module is suitable for all real estate professionals, including;

  • Residential Sales Agents
  • Buyers Agents
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Real Estate Recruiters
  • Project Marketing Agents
  • Commercial/Retail/Industrial Sales & Leasing
  • New Business Development for Residential Property Management
  • Leasing Consultants
  • Property Managers
  • Sales Managers
  • Operation Managers
The cost of this session is $3,500 plus gst, which includes free weekly accountability indefinitely for the 5 KPI’s allocated to the team by Adrian.
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