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The Adrian Bo Mindset & Stoicism Master Class

The Adrian Bo Mindset & Stoicism Master Class

This 1.5 hour session may be conducted via zoom or in person. You will also receive from Adrian, a free hard copy of Ryan Holiday’s best selling book, ‘The Daily Stoic’.

Adrian Bo is a practising Stoic & an ambassador for the mental health organisations, Beyond Blue & The Black Dog Institute.

In this session you will learn how to deal with the stress of real estate, master your mindset and open up in confidence with Adrian who has been through the battle & come out the other side.

Adrian will share the 4 main virtues of his fellow ancient stoics,

  • Wisdom
  • Courage
  • Temperance
  • Justice

In recent times, the ancient philosophy of stoicism has garnered the attention of the masses, thanks to many successful figures in various industries talking about its multiple benefits. In the real estate industry, there’s no one who does it better than top agent Adrian Bo. This business tycoon has been practicing the philosophy since the beginning of his career. Here, he talks about how stoicism has been the key to his internal growth and success.

With a Master’s in Business Administration and over 32 years of experience, Adrian Bo is a leading expert in real estate. Through his academy, professional coaching sessions, and philanthropic endeavors, he has become an inspirational stoic. In his words, “There’s stress, anxiety and external pressures in every job. Stoicism allows us to block all that and focus only on our personal growth.”

Bo believes the core practice of stoicism has allowed him to achieve the success he holds today. Stoicism allows people to take back control of their own happiness. “You are more content each day because your happiness does not depend on external things anymore that are outside your control,” he elucidates.

Adrian Bo also has an online course called “The Adrian Bo System”, wherein he goes into detail about achieving both personal and professional success. Adrian Bo has helped many students maximize their potential through his training modules, podcast, and academy. He also regularly shares his insights and famous quotes from stoic historical figures on his Instagram account, which has over 65K followers.

“I follow in the footsteps of the great stoic philosophers like Epictetus, Seneca, and Marcus Aurelius. Their words give me the strength to go through every challenge in life with a smile. Stoicism helps you get your thoughts and actions in your control, which you can then leverage to achieve your dreams,” concludes Adrian Bo.

The cost of this session is $2500 plus gst

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