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Dealing with Adversity & Stress, Avoiding Burnout & Reaching Personal Mastery

This 2 hour session is a collaboration between Adrian Bo & Nicole Monteforte of Strong Mountain Consulting, and is tailored to arm individuals & teams in the Real Estate Industry with strategies, tactics and skills to manage stress and burnout. This applies during both boom and flat markets as both have their challenges when it comes to self expectation and client servicing. This session would suit individual agents, EBU’s, Super Teams, a whole sales team, a group of offices or an entire Real Estate Brand or Network.

Adrian Bo will provide high level advisory, specific to the real estate industry and share his personal experience with ‘burnout’. Adrian has suffered from glandular fever in the past which became chronic fatigue syndrome, and during his 34 year career, has been incapacitated on two occasions as a result. He will share his insights on how to avoid this, the way he dealt with it & also his observations of the industry in this arena. Adrian has worked at every level in Real Estate, from being in property management, residential leasing, sales, commercial sales/leasing, sales management, a selling Principal, auctioneering and an executive of a publicly listed company. He will alert you to the tips, pitfalls & life hacks he has been exposed to so you can avoid them & also how to equip you to deal with them.

Adrian Bo holds two post graduate University degrees, including A Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) and is a prolific teacher of ‘Stoicism’, a 2000 year old philosophy he personally practices daily, perfectly equipping him for this module.

Nicole Monteforte has lived and experienced burn out more times than most and has risen from the ashes every time, when others would have given up. With her signature techniques and strategies using the power of the body and brain together, she will show you how to prevent burn out or how to rise from it to a new level of personal power. This is not touchy feely stuff, but purposeful bottom-line boosting performance personal enhancement. Her mission is to take the fiercely brilliant and ambitious and show them how to operate at their peak power for long term sustainable results both with health and wealth.

Nic has worked in the fitness and wellness industry for over 30 years, has a degree in education, human movement, certificates in counselling and is currently completing her graduate diploma in psychology.

The curriculum includes;


  1. I will obtain knowledge on the importance of my health & success
  2. I will understand what my stress triggers are
  3. I will know the signs when I am becoming overwhelmed
  4. I will learn 3 stress hacks to how to find my calm
  5. I will become competent in managing my work/life balance
  6. I will appreciate the connection between my health & my wealth

The cost of this session is $3000 plus gst 

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