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If you are not losing listings, you are not appraising enough property.

The most common call I receive during the day from my agent coaching clients is the frustration they feel from losing listings. I lose listings as well by the way.

Each listing you lose is another 2-3 you are likely to sign. This is a good thing. You need to ‘Kiss a few frogs’ on the way. The lost listings are simply a ‘means to an end’ to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. The lost ones are a motivator. Thank them, dont resent them. Without the lost listings, there would be no signed listings. You need to change your mindset. If you throw everything at the listing and the seller doesn’t chose you, it’s their loss.

The statistics tell me 20% of listings you were always going to get, 20% you were never going to get (no matter what you did or said) & 60% are genuinely up for grabs.

Losing listings is 1 of the 16 activities you will undertake in any given day being in real estate. Not dissimilar to approving an add or doing an open house inspection, yet why is this the source of so much anger, perceived rejection & disappointment? Mastering this ‘law of indifference’ between your daily activities is a critical key to success in real estate. If you can master resilience from lost listings, you will survive everything else. If you don’t, you are likely to drag that ‘lost listing’ mentality & energy into the next 3 meetings & compromise those as well!! My facetious little hack when I lose a listing so I can change my state ASAP, I ask myself ok ‘should I have a flat white or cappuccino?’ and then NEXT…..

Please accept in any given week you will lose a listing, sell a property, receive an offer and do an open home. Why do they need to differ in hierarchy? If they do differ in your ‘inner market’ you are selecting a game you can not win.

Notwithstanding, listing meetings remain an extremely high priority, however, please select a game you can win by managing your own expectations, like you are so good at doing with your clients.