Stream The Entire Adrian Bo System

If you feel stuck, overwhelmed or in need of solving a problem, please pause, take a deep breath & ask yourself, ‘If it was easy, what would it look like?’

Wow 🤩 What a way to ‘short circuit’ the issue & avoid chaos.

An example would be, ‘How do I find the time to prospect & nurture my database, while still servicing buyers, updating current vendors, answering email enquiry, dealing with pest & building issues, conducting negotiations plus everything else I have to do during the day?’

Ok, pause, take a deep breath & ask yourself – if it was easy, what would it look like?

It would look like adopting a disciplined approach by sending yourself a recurring daily calendar invite between 9.30am – 10.15am as an uninterrupted meeting with yourself. You bring into this meeting ‘listing appointment like discipline’ where you are not answering incoming calls, checking emails or on social media. Like a listing meeting, open house or an auction, it’s in your diary & it can’t be changed or broken for anything or anyone.

You conduct this meeting daily to make proactive prospecting calls to your database or cold calling with a view to build data, regardless if you have 2 listings or 12 listings & this will be your vaccination 💉 against the pandemic roller coaster 🎢 ride of income.