Stream The Entire Adrian Bo System

What happens when prices go up or down or if interest rates fluctuate? What about when we have a change of government? Or when a global pandemic occurs? 

These are all ‘outer market’ events which we have zero control over so why do we tend to focus on them? Or even worse, use them as excuses if our business is performing poorly? 

Real estate is a ‘relationship’ & transaction’ business, not a ‘market dependent’ business. We need to create an impervious process that withstands any event or so called ‘market’. I was asked recently if my process has changed due to an adjusting market and my answer was 90% – NO. Sure, I have nuanced my dialogue a little, however my process is my process, fortified against the ‘uncontrollables’.

We are creating the narrative of the market, in fact we are the market! Believe the market is slow & the market will be slow. Believe you have control over incredible customer service & world class marketing, then you will achieve outstanding results & create raving fans – Simple