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Don’t allow your ‘ideal day’ or ‘ideal week’ suffocate you!

What do I mean by this? You don’t need to have every moment of every day planned within an inch of its life. You should have ‘themes of the day’, ie Tuesday is a listing theme or Thursday is a buyer theme, meaning most of your activities for that day follow the theme.

I do feel it’s appropriate to ‘build your business’ in the morning, anything with an AM in front of it, by prospecting & adding clients to your database. Then, in the afternoon, anything with a PM in front of it ‘manage your business’ by conducting dollar productive meetings & putting deals together.

AM ENERGY – calls, matching buyers with sellers, tasks, meet with team etc

PM ENERGY – vendor updates, face to face meetings, buyer work, listing appointments etc

Your ideal week is not meant to hold you hostage, it should set you free !