Stream The Entire Adrian Bo System

1. Create a goal to have a minimum of 4 listings ready to launch for 2022

2. Your 2022 listing campaigns should start earlier than previous years, ie. early January given the forced interruptions this year, buyers and sellers are keen to trade

3. In the next 2 weeks call every person you have ever conducted a market appraisal for since day 1 of your career & suggest the opportunistic window to list and sell pre Xmas prior to the inevitable & imminent price correction

4. In the next 4 weeks call every person you have ever sold to & for in order to add value & find out how they coped during Covid & simply touch base about their families well being

5. Gather all your 2021 sales so far & invest $3k in a just sold marketing blitz on social media, print, email & letter box drops (must include a call to action)

6. Door knock for 1 full day per week around your current listings & recent sales until mid December with a view to capture data for future listings

7. Call every buyer in the past 3 months who has been an underbidder on any auction or private sale, yours or your competition. Attach yourself to them like a buyers agent until they buy, without any expectation of remuneration. Have a simple objective to build a new business relationship & create a ‘trusted advisor’ role In their lives for future referrals

8. Pick an agent you aspire to, call or email them & ask to shout them coffee and pick their brain for 45mins on some hacks for accelerated growth

9. Now that shops are open, walk into every cafe and retail precinct in your local community, introduce yourself equipped with business cards and ask if you can leave some for their patrons

10. Identify 1 sponsorship or charity you feel passionate about and promote the fact you will donate $500 from every commission & use in your listing collateral