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JOHN PARANCHI ~ McGrath Estate Agents

“Out of all the training i have done in the past twelve months this one hour session was the most useful. Full of energy, and simple logical processes that are easy to implement. I highly recommend to not only newer agents but also people with years of experience”

SAMANTHA DeBIANCHI, FOUNDER ~ DeBianchi Real Estate & Star of Million Dollar Lising, Miami

“On a recent trip to Australia, I had the pleasure of spending a week with Adrian Bo and his team. I wanted to gain an insight on how sales, open houses and auctions were conducted in Australia. I witnessed first hand Adrian’s exceptional skills in negotiating, auctioneering, listing presentations, sales management and coaching. His team structure works very efficiently with each aspect systemised and roles clearly defined. I cannot recommend Adrian highly enough for agents or principals wanting to take their business to the next level.”

GLENN TWIDDLE, FOUNDER ~ Glen Twiddle Real Estate Training

“I would consider Adrian Bo to be one of the leading real estate agents in the Australia, he consistently sells over 100 properties annually each year. He recently headlined one of my conferences with Sir Richard Branson and in my opinion he was one of the stand out keynote speakers. The incredible feedback we received from Adrian’s talk was overwhelming. He delivered practical advice and knowledge that agents can implement immediately, my Inner Circle clients LOVED what they took away! I cannot wait to be able to work with Adrian again and look forward to our future partnerships!

BLAKE HEDLEY ~ JPH Group, Mint Business Brokers & JPH Lawyers

“We recently had Adrian conduct a training session for our diverse team of Accountants, Financial Planners, Mortgage Brokers and Lawyers and his content, message and engaging delivery were outstanding. Adrian had a natural ability to take the skills and expertise he has developed over many years in the Real Estate industry and apply ‘core attitudes’ across numerous other industries. Our team came away from the session more motivated than ever and with a practical plan of how to implement a roadmap of daily tasks in order to achieve their most successful 12 months in business. Anybody who has a team from any industry background and wants to improve their sales approach, mindset and communication skills should immediately book Adrian – we could not recommend his services more highly.”

MICHAEL CATALANO ~ Managing Director True Property Sydney

“Adrians training was beyond expectations. I was able to implement his sales systems within my business which have been successful. I am so proud to have had this opportunity to feed off Adrian’s extensive knowledge within the real estate industry to further develop my business. I would not hestitate recommending Adrian to anyone out there that is looking to implement successful changes in their business”.


“Adrian cuts through the usual white noise, delivering content that is relevant, succinct and most importantly practical. In my opinion, his presentation serves as a blueprint for anyone looking to take their performance to the next level. Ive been fortunate enough to have seen numerous real estate trainers across three continents, and i genuinely regard Adrian as being amongst the best I’ve seen”


“Adrian was to the point, concise and frank. I can’t believe the amount of information, advice and assistance he gave Andrew and myself in a short space of time. Our session was filled with quality recommendations from Adrian and he was straight to the point. Our experiance with Adrian has been extremely valuable and we will be implementing his suggestions into our business, we would highly recommend Adrian to anyone who is seeking professional advice. A 10/10 experience that i would definitely do again”.

MARCELLO BO, DIRECTOR ~ Ray White Project Marketing Bondi Junction NSW

“A big thank you to Adrian Bo for the outstanding training my team and i had today. The information was invaluable and easy to understand. My team and i have taken a lot from this session and hope to incorporate his coaching ideas into our business. Cant recommend him enough”.

ANDREW HOGGETT, DIRECTOR ~ Richardson & Wrench Elizabeth Bay NSW

“Congratulations on what was a very informative sales session last week at Concord Golf Club for the R&W Group . It was a great kick start to the year for our team. It was also very refreshing to see a sales trainer strip the step by step processes down without the ego & preaching that many trainers bring with them these days. I would have no hesitation in recommending you for any future training & also happy if anyone wishes to contact me for some feedback and a reference.”

ARCHIE MANTSOS, DIRECTOR ~ Harcourts Wantirna Victoria

“Adrian I would like to thank you for accepting my request to meet up for some specific training. Your training was very logical and insightful in approach in making me understand the mechanics and the mindset behind a large volume producer whilst also adopting the business owner responsibility. I feel you given me such a simple and efficient way to take my business and my office to another level whilst also providing world class service. I look forward to our next session”.

RIK RUSHTON, FOUNDER ~ Insight Professional Development

“Adrian Bo is an outstanding individual by any measure. The most obvious professional achievement is his Ranking in the top 5 Agents throughout Australasia by results. Adrian is a “time tested” success agent with more than two decades of extraordinary sales and leadership results. Less obvious is Adrian’s ability to teach others how to achieve their personal best. His ability to coach his success drivers for his students for immediate and lasting results is truly inspiring! If you have the opportunity to learn from Adrian Bo I would not only grab it with both hands, but also with your head and heart as well”

SHANE SMOLLEN, PRINCIPAL ~ McGrath Estate Agents (The Smollen Group)

“In a business we all tend to over complicate things Adrian breaks down what really counts into actions you can identify with and follow through upon. He brings to the table massive track record over many highly consistent years and has been a pioneer of agent teams well in advance of simply having an assistant. He really understands time leverage , effective prospecting and client base. Whilst the discipline and consistency will have to come from you, the ability to gain an straight talking humble insight into how a true champion succeeds has never been more clearly laid out. In a personal development marketplace increasingly crowded with choice and idealistic advice, here is a unique opportunity to know what you are learning will work without fail. If you’re not really prepared for change and growth my advice is not to use Adrian’s training but if you are , today’s the day.”


“I have known Adrian Bo for the past 10 years on both a business and personal level. From the time I met Adrian all I wanted to do was do business like he did and beat everyone in my area. He was always upbeat and prepared to help and guide me. He allowed me the opportunity to come and shadow him at his office and at this point I was writing very minimal figures. He was happy to share all his systems and knowledge with me but in turn pushed me to become a far better agent than I was at the time. I then proceed to visit him every 12 months for a number of years, which wasn’t only a further knowledge gaining exercise for me but also an opportunity to show what I had taken away from our time together and how I had implemented it. I would have to say that the time that I spent with Adrian changed my career, I always knew what I wanted to do but couldn’t find a way to make it happen. After spending time with him over the years I have since gone on to write between 1mil – 1.5 Mil for the past 6 years plus buy my own office which is a leader in my market place. This wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn’t spent time watching and learning from Adrian On top of that he showed me how to do what I love with total passion and commitment to the industry. He is always checking in with me to see how I am going plus always there if I need a question answered. Adrian is a true leader of this industry and an inspiration to whoever he comes in contact with. The BEST in the industry!!!”

NICK RENNA, DIRECTOR & AUCTIONEER ~ Hockingstuart Bentleigh

“Having been a long term admirer of your drive and achievements within our industry, it was amazing to have participated in training sessions with you. You proved in a very hands on way, that you have done the hard yards and understand what it takes to be a high achiever within our industry. You practice what you teach and as a professional real estate trainer you deliver what you promise in a very simple understandable manner.”


“The Real Estate Panel is an event we hold that showcases the top echelon of agents in our Industry. Choosing Adrian to speak for us was an easy decision. His focus, passion and love for real estate are key drivers to his incredible success. Adrian shares these secrets in such a refreshing and transparent manner that attendees can relate to. They had immediate ideas to implement in their businesses to improve their market share and profitability.”


“Adrian ran a great session in Melbourne for our Harcourts sales team. Business Owners and Sales Consultants really enjoyed the training and implemented actions directly into their businesses afterwards. Helped set some minimums for our team members that were looking to push through to the next level. Lots of questions openly answered by Adrian for our heads of EBU’s regarding expectations. You have cemented in my mind what I already know – this business is not rocket science, it just requires passion, commitment and discipline. You clearly have all three. I look forward to meeting you again one day.”