Adrian Bo Academy

Hi, it’s Adrian Bo & welcome to the Adrian Bo Real Estate Coaching Academy.
There have been many agents not in a position to afford my personal coaching, or at the start of their real estate journey. There are also many agents at various levels of their career who require weekly content to keep them on track. This is why I started the Academy.
Once you join, for either $55 per month plus GST, or SAVE $60 by paying a reduced one off annual rate of $600 plus GST, you will benefit from the following;
  1. Be part of a private Facebook Group where I facilitate a weekly 20min coaching forum. It is interactive, rather than a ‘talkfest’ by me. I answer questions live from Academy members & facilitate real time coaching & training. If you miss the live session, you can to view it later as it remains in the Facebook feed indefinitely.
  2. Receive an additional brief coaching video in the private Facebook Group, at my discretion, with a bonus Coaching tip or real estate anecdote.
  3. Receive regular weekly personalised SMS’s from myself with short, sharp coaching & motivational tips.
  4. Receive a personalised Certificate from myself acknowledging your acceptance into The Adrian Bo Real Estate Academy. This may serve as a great listing tool to advise clients you are part of an elite coaching community, or an addition to your CV & also the ability to share on your social media platforms.
  5. You will receive a personalised ‘Adrian Bo Tip of the Day’ 7 days per week through the private Academy Facebook Group. This is posted in the morning so you can stay connected to Adrian & start your day with a ‘spring in your step’. Here is an example of one of the tips that many Academy members have been benefiting from –

AB Tip of the Day📈
As discussed in my coaching video yesterday, this is the simplest, yet comprehensive, 10 point business plan template for 2021;
1. How many sales are you striving for?
2. What average sale price are you striving for?
3. What average % percentage would you like to uphold?
4. Based on 1,2 & 3 calculate your projected GCI
5. Based on your GCI, decide what NCI (net commission income) you would like to be left with at the end of the year, once you provide for your commission split (regardless if you are a principal or agent)
6. With your NCI, what is 1 personal major goal you would like to achieve prior to the 31st December, 2021? ie, keep money in the bank, go on a holiday, put towards kids school fees, buy a new car etc
7. Look at your personal goal every day to remind you what your WHY is!
8. In order to achieve 1 (how many sales), how many listing appointments would you need to attend per week? So of your goal is 50 sales, that means signing 1 listing per week. Now, if your current appraisal to list ratio is approx 50% for proper actual listing pitches, then you must attend 2 genuine listing opportunities per week
9. Based on 8 (how many listing appointments per week), how many prospecting calls would you need to make in order to achieve this goal. So, in the same example, assuming you need to attend 2 actual listing opportunities per week, then you would need to make a minimum of 50 prospecting calls per day. You would call – past clients, past appraisals, pipeline database, expired listings, hot buyers, just listed/just sold calls & door knocks around your own & your competitors listings & sales
10. Based on 5 (GCI) calculate your personal marketing budget. For example, if your projected GCI goal is $600k, then 5% of this is $30k & this is your annual marketing budget. Divide this by 12 to calculate your monthly marketing investment, which is $2500. Don’t deviate by under or over spending & decide at the beginning of the month where you will allocate these funds. Examples include – letter box drops, social media boosts, RMA boosts, Active Pipe email marketing, Mailchimp/Agent Box/Rex/i-realty monthly newsletters to database, google add words, local sponsorships, property videos that vendors aren’t willing to pay for & Facebook Ads.

Your Coach. Adrian Bo


I would be delighted to link arms with you on the real estate journey ahead & if you join The Academy, you will certainly be part of the ‘smart brigade’ in the industry.
God bless, Adrian Bo