THE ENTIRE ADRIAN BO SYSTEM – Modules 1, 2, 3 & 4

4 students



The Adrian Bo Database, Reactive Prospecting, KPI & Accountability System

  • Learn how Adrian Bo sold over 100 sales each year for 25 consecutive years through his database.
  • Best practice on how to grow and nurture a database at Mastery Level.
  • How to make your Database as valuable asset that provides passive & annuity style income\
  • What is the difference between Reactive & Proactive prospecting?
  • What is The Adrian Bo Dialogue Matrix? How will it help you extract data effectively.\
  • Adrian will appoint you with 5 KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) & request to be your weekly accountability partner indefinitely FREE OF CHARGE

The Adrian Bo Proactive Prospecting Listed/Sold Checklist, Social Media & Business Plan System

  • Learn ‘The Adrian Bo set and forget List & Sale checklist’
  • How to get started with a Social Media Strategy
  • The Adrian Bo Simple, yet effective 12 month Business Plan Template
  • Automate your business through process, efficiencies & checklists so you can scale and leverage your business

The Adrian Bo Entire Listing Process & How To Fight For Your Fee

  • How to ‘traffic control’ the difference between an actual listing opportunity & a market appraisal
  • The professional pre listing conversation agenda
  • Essential items for the digital pre listing information prior to your meeting
  • How to create a personal & office/brand Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  • Listing Dialogue Mastery
  • The Adrian Bo Agenda Based Listing Presentation
  • Avoid the ‘drum roll’ effect when it comes to pricing
  • How to fight for your fee with Adrian Bo Fee objective Dialogue

The Set to Sell Meeting & Mastery Level Vendor Management, including The Adrian Bo Suburb Ratio

  • Ensure The set to sell meeting is separate to your listing presentation & learn the agenda
  • What is Adrian’s theory around Objective data vs subjective when it comes to vendor feedback and reporting?
  • Weekly vendor meetings to review price, presentation & marketing by using ‘The Adrian Bo Suburb Ratio’
  • Using the case study template as social proof as a journey for the typical sale campaign
  • Adrian’s tips on what to do if a sale campaign gets off track, or if days on market blow out


Adrian has sold over $4 billion in gross volume of real estate over 30 years & has consistently achieved over 100 sales per year. Adrian is also a highly skilled auctioneer for over 20 years, calling 1500 auctions.

Adrian has a string of successes to his name with awards & recognitions including;

Consistently in the country’s TOP 10 AGENTS, named number 4 and 9 in Australia by REB, industry wide
Number 1 agent in New South Wales, Industry wide as per REB in 2013
Senior McGrath Auctioneer for over 20 years
General Manager of Sales, McGrath Estate Agents – proudly serving as the longest serving member of the team alongside John McGrath.
Number 1 agent for the most commission generated in the McGrath network nationwide, on two occasions in 2009 & 2014
Number 1 agent for the most number of sales volume in the McGrath network nationwide, on 10 occasions
Within the top 4 agents for the most commission generated in the McGrath network nationwide, on 12 occasions

$2,640.00 $2,600.00