Six Secret Beaches In Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs


You don’t need to be an expert on Sydney real estate to guess this property price formula: proximity to a world-famous beach, multiplied by number of bedrooms, equals eye-watering prices.

But what plenty of house hunters don’t realise is they don’t have to zero in on Bondi to have the benefits of a beachside property. Today, I’m going to let you in on the secret beaches that make Sydney’s eastern suburbs so special.

1. MacKenzies Beach, Tamarama

Sometimes known as a ‘mystery beach’, MacKenzies is one of the smallest beaches in Australia and it’s not always accessible, depending on the tides. While locals will get in the water, I find MacKenzies much better for a quiet afternoon on one of the flat rocks that surrounds the small strip of sand.

2. Gordon’s Bay, Clovelly

Gordon’s Bay is one of the reasons I enjoy visiting Clovelly so much – it has to be one of Australia’s most stunning spots. Because you can only access the bay via the coastal walkway, the easiest option is to park at either Coogee or Clovelly and walk from there.
Tip: If you’re planning to swim make sure you bring your snorkel. You don’t want to miss the incredible underwater views.

3. Bronte Beach and Bogey Hole, Bronte

Sheltered by hills on either side, Bronte Beach is a great family-friendly option. The calmer waters of Nelson Bay are complemented by an expansive beachside park that stretches up along Bronte Road, which offers more than a few tasty brunch options. On the southern side of the beach you can have an even more protected swim in the sea baths or take the kids for a dip in Bogey Hole.
Tip: Don’t get caught out by parking inspectors at Bronte. Arrive early and read the signs carefully!

4. Coogee Baths, Coogee

Collectively known as ‘Coogee Baths’, McIver Baths (for women only) and Wylie Baths are both tidal ocean pools protected from the surf. With fantastic views, sunbathing areas, space to swim laps and even a regular yoga class, the baths may well mean you have no need to brave the surf down at Coogee Beach.

5. Congwong Beach, La Perouse

If it’s a day on the sand and calm waters you’re after, it’s absolutely worth the trip to Congwong. Head to the parking spot at Cann Park, then it’s a short stroll down to the beach itself.
Tip: Because it’s located within the Botany Bay National Park, you won’t be able to bring your dog along on this trip.

6. Tamarama Beach, Tamarama

You’ve heard it referred to as ‘Glamarama’ but there’s no pressure to dress up to enjoy this stunning little beach between Bondi and Bronte. At just 80 meters long what many people don’t know is that it used to be home to an amusement park with a hair raising roller coaster across the beach and even an elephant, back in the day…

Tip: While there are lifeguards on duty it’s best to stay relatively close to shore as there can be a strong current further out.

I hope at least one of those options gets you thinking outside the box when it comes to finding your eastern suburbs property.

See you at the beach!